“FableTech delivers the perfect mail solution for us, easy to implement in our cms and very fast mail delivery.”


Simple, Fast & Reliable newsletter delivery

  • Easy integration with your CMS
  • Very fast mail delivery
  • Increase customer satisfaction with user tracking
  • Save resources with bounce handling
  • Optimize user experience with embedded images
  • Deliver on time with scheduled delivery
  • Send your newsletters in any language

FableTech Newsletter System

You might be using newsletters today, but do you get the maximum in return of the resources you invest?

Newsletters are a great tool for creating a loyal customer base. With the FT1 software you can focus on building your business, and not have to worry about technical details.

FT1 Hosted

A hosted solution allows you to avoid the upfront investment in hardware and software, and also reduce the burden of recurring costs related to maintenance, personnel, physical space, etc. It allows you to move focus away from technology and instead focus on the competencies which give you a competitive advantage.

We recomend that you contact the sales team at PointZero Hosting for a carefree, high performance, high availability solusion that fits your needs.

FT1 Enterprise

If you have very special needs or policies which require you to host the system in your own data center, you can run the software on your own set of servers. This solution gives you extreme flexibility, but requires technical personnel with UNIX knowledge.

You can contact the FableTech at info@fabletech.com or phone +45 40 10 45 79 for more information.

FT1 Internet Service Provider

As an internet service provider or hosting center you might want to provide newsletter dispatching. You can offer your customers a fast and reliable service using FT1. It is low-maintenance and administrative tasks are easily automated.

Contact the FableTech at info@fabletech.com or phone +45 40 10 45 79 for more information.